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Unstoppable Gohan 56 secs Unstoppable Gohan 56 secs

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This looks like it was traced.

FF6 Opera-Pella Fun FF6 Opera-Pella Fun

Rated 5 / 5 stars


that wass my favourite final fantasy

Autumn Tree Autumn Tree

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A few things i should say about this

Well, To be honest with you alot of people will never understand truely why these boys did what they did and for now it really does not matter, they are dead and that's all there is to it.
I saw the manson backpack, did you know neither of these guys listened to manson? You must ask questions like why to those who know the answers to these questions? Why must these things happen, And far be it for me to even think of passing judgement on these guys I've had my own thoughts of shooting up a school before. I won't do it because I dispise guns. I'd much rather stab people. more personal. Anyway that's besides the point it was not meant as a joke. These are not joking matters. I see alot of people just pass judgement for what they did without knowing truely why they did what they did, Truely they were confused. They will be sent who knows where. I've heard many speculations. One must ask, not who is looking but for who chooses thebullets to pass through another human person. If they were alive now I would ask them why because they are the only real answers anyone will ever get. And speaking from personal experiences I honestly think I know why? Have you ever gone to highschool? It's tough for people who just don't fit in. Honestly I know I've been there.

Mortal Kombat Kamidogu 4 Mortal Kombat Kamidogu 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Holy Crap on a Stick That Was just fucked.
I like the crack about puberty. Gold... Heh...
Making Shujinko out to be a wuss (well more wussier) is a good touch. Makes it alot more funnier but you didn't go over board so that's even better. I forgot to mention the preloaders. (the last 2 of them) Brilliant, I love them. I have One or 2 suggestions I'd like to throw at you. Why not do Kombats or make him do funny shit while he's wandering around (possibly like clubbing random people in the face with his fist) Kombats would be cool because you could add some really wicked dialogue and I'm sure it's not all that complicated or really too much more work. And Maybe you should stop using flash and just use a regular video editor and put the Avi's on the web? Maybe that's a bit much to add to a site. I just looked at your site. Is it a free server or do you actually pay for the web space? If not I could help you out with some web space. I'm going to probably be getting some web space fairly shortly and if you were interested into making some avi's I could either promote your work (or) you could even design a website to your liking. ORRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr Just keep the site basically how it is now and just give me the htmls (and do whatever changes needed neccisary and to your liking ofcourse) I would really like to see you get far with this. And possibly make your own creations from scratch. I would like to see you do more original junk. but for now You're shit is grand Keep up the Good Work.
I also have a few comments on the game itself. I owned it for ps2 and beat it within.... let me think.. 2 days maybe. Anywho There was this fucked glitch that happened when I was standing on a bridge and I got into a fight with someone and It knocked the dude (shujinko) off the bridge and onto the water pattern. and I could walk around on part of the pond but there were invisible walls of shit And I fucked my game up and it pissed me off.. haha
Oh well. Hope you read this

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Bezo responds:

It's possibility for the future, I suppose. That'd really be up to ]{ombat. This is his baby, afterall. Also I'm not sure how that would work (I don't know how he does the video captures).

And yeah, I don't need webspace and ]{ombat DEFINITELY doesn't need webspace. ;)

I'm working on original stuff right now, but every so often I am called upon by ]{ombat to give his creation life. ;)

Mortal Kombat Kamidogu 3 Mortal Kombat Kamidogu 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I seriously pissed myself laughing. You have NO idea How great I think your shit is. Seriously though. Good Work.

You kick all sorts of ass

I find myself Witty and informative
AcidChrist--------------------------------->Michael A.S

Bezo responds:

Thanks dude, we don't really care what the people who don't like it think. The people who DO like it are the ones whose opinions matter to us.

Mortal Kombat Kamidogu 2 Mortal Kombat Kamidogu 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This one had way better dialogue then the first one. The whole part about him having to urinate because he drank a bunch of beer (dew to the fact he was master bo rai chos pupil and probably got the beer from him, what with the drunken master thing)
Anywho Good shit.
Keep up the good work
AcidChrist -----------------------Mike

Bezo responds:

Well, the first one was introducing the characters.

Mortal Kombat Kamidogu Mortal Kombat Kamidogu

Rated 5 / 5 stars

All and All a good piece of work

I'm Deffinetly taking my time to watch the rest of these, they kick a bunch of ass, I noticed the 4th episode today or myabe 3rd I don't quite remember but anyway. I'm gonna rate and review all of of your submissions cause you seem to have a good grasp of comedy and how things should be played out. The first episode (this episode) Was well done. Probably not the best one of all of them I expect good things from this.
IF you Read this thanks for your time. And Keep up the good work. Hopefully you'll read my other reviews.
Peace Out. AcidChrist

tabmok99 responds:

I'm so glad you liked it. It is interesting reading your reactions. Some people still think #1 is the best, while others disagree. I guess it all depends on which one you saw first :) (Oh, and being familiar with MKD's Konquest Mode helps.)

We will keep doing these, and even though most of the script so far has been done by me, between me and Bezo we will never run out of ideas. We've been playing Mortal Kombat for so long we have ideas that still have yet to come out. Keep watching, and you'll really like some of the stuff you see :D

Forest Ranger Forest Ranger

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wicked, I'm not sure I understand why it would be offensive.
i'm an animal lover, I thought this shit is hilarious, People are too offended by way too much these days. I hope some of them to decide that there is too little time to get offended over every little thing people do. I Think this rules, wicked idea.
I wish I thought of it

Jeff Goes Postal Jeff Goes Postal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is so bad it rules

Terrible, really terrible.. but i loved every second of it.. earthbound is possibly my favourite rpg our their. so all my 5 belong to this

8-Deadclaw0-8 responds:

its pooey


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Wonder, that's all I gotta say.. you funny mother fucker

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Glad you enjoyed!